Thirteen Reasons Why I love this novel!

My reading has been going great. Also, I finally met my reading goal for this semester! Although, I wish that I had chosen to read more books because I didn't really challenge myself by only reading nine. The last book I read was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This book is about a teenage girl who explains thirteen reasons why she killed herself. This might sound like a really dark and concerning book, however, it was not as dark as I thought it was going to be. I absolutely loved the characters and storyline of the book. Usually most of the books I read happen to be jocular and cheerful. However, this book was really suspenseful and it surprised me at the end. My main reason for reading this book was because I wanted to watch the series that just came out on Netflix. My friends keep telling me that they were so obsessed with the show, they finished the whole series within a day. I am so ecstatic that I finished the book because now I can finally watch the tv show!

Thirteen Reasons Why has gotten a lot of criticism for being to grim. It has been banned by many school districts because they think it teaches kids wrong messages. However, I don't think it does that at all. This book can be very helpful to kids in school who have serious problems going on in their life. It also shows supportive themes. For example, one theme was about how people need to be aware of what they do to others. Just because you don't think you hurt a person doesn't mean you didn't. The book tells the reader multiple times to be cautious in dangerous situations and treat people with respect. I believe this book shouldn't be banned because it's such a acclaimed book. It teaches people important life lessons, which shouldn't be ignored while reading the book. My favorite quote in the book was when Hannah, the main character, told the reader, "You can't rewind the past" (Asher 156). I  love this quote because the message is so true. We can't change our past, what's done is done. But, we can move forward and look to a brighter future. I always try to keep this message in my head because it's what my mom tells me all the time.

I am determined to read more this summer. I have the whole month of July off from soccer, so I am going to read as much as I can. I have already made a list of the books I want to read. Most of my choices are AP books that I have heard are really good reads. I am also going to read off of the summer list we were given in school so I can be prepared for next year. I am so excited for summer, I can't wait any longer!

Thirteen Reasons Why I love Thirteen Reasons Why!
1- The author makes you feel close to the characters and their emotions.
2- The book is unique and states the truth about real facts even if the reader doesn't want to know them.
3- The themes are realistic.
4- The themes also show how to solve problems rather than run away from them.
5- Many people believe that this book shows too dark subjects, I don't.
6- I like to read mysterious books
7- The storyline keeps you interested; you can't predict what is going to happen.
8- The book is more interesting than the show.
9- The first page made me obsessed with the book.
10- Even though this book is fiction, it always seems like non-fiction.
11- It's not high-school drama, it's drama that happens to high-schoolers.
12- The books represents style from the 80s.
13- There are a lot of hidden clues throughout the book that give you insight on what is going to happen.


  1. The Great Gatsby is a good ap book that I highly recommend.

  2. If you like this book I highly recommend the tv show Thirteen Reasons Why. It is very good and is similar to the book.


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