Thirteen Reasons Why I love this novel!

My reading has been going great. Also, I finally met my reading goal for this semester! Although, I wish that I had chosen to read more books because I didn't really challenge myself by only reading nine. The last book I read was Thirteen Reasons Whyby Jay Asher. This book is about a teenage girl who explains thirteen reasons why she killed herself. This might sound like a really dark and concerning book, however, it was not as dark as I thought it was going to be. I absolutely loved the characters and storyline of the book. Usually most of the books I read happen to be jocular and cheerful. However, this book was really suspenseful and it surprised me at the end. My main reason for reading this book was because I wanted to watch the series that just came out on Netflix. My friends keep telling me that they were so obsessed with the show, they finished the whole series within a day. I am so ecstatic that I finished the book because now I can finally watch the tv show!

Thirteen Reas…

The Acquirable Green Light

My reading has been going great! I have indulged myself in a couple of new books this semester. I am determined to start reading more on my own as well. Also, I hope I get the opportunity to read and write more through the summer. The next book I'm planning to read is Thirteen Reasons Whyby Jay Asher. I just started watching the show on Netflix and I really want to read the book to compare the two. I've noticed that my reading throughout this semester has helped my writing tremendously. My grammar has improved and I can fully comprehend the author's tone and purpose.

I recently began reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I am enamored by the author's underlying theme of finding light shine through darkness. Fitzgerald illustrates diverse characters and thoughts shown through literary devices in the book. My favorite quote from the book was toward the end when Nick Carraway stated, "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into …

Wait, McKenna actually reads??

Hi, random people I don't know that are looking at my blog! I"m McKenna Carboy, a somewhat sarcastic sophomore in Ms.Mayo's english class at Hebron High School. I really don't like to read as much as write. I don't know why, but for some reason I like reading my own thoughts rather than others. I find writing kind of therapeutic. It helps me express my emotions and relieve stress. There are very few books I enjoy in the world. I almost always abandon the book I’m reading if it gets too predictable.
Also, I know almost every teenage girl says this, but I really like John Green as an author. He wrote my favorite book which deserves my most upright respect for him, because finding a book I like is like finding a needle in a haystack; close to impossible. When I first read, Looking for Alaska by:John Green, it was for an english assignment my freshman year. However, I could not take my eyes away from each page I turned. From my freshman year to my sophomore year, I ha…